In the Pre-Primary section, the focus is on language development and social behaviour. Children, who are now mostly from nuclear families, are taught to get along with others through various group activities. Formal instruction starts from Prep, but the pace is slow, so that the foundation is strong. While academics are a very important part of our curriculum, the mission of our school has been and will always be to provide a well-rounded educational experience that will prepare students to pursue confidently the journey of their lives. The Pre-Primary Section consists of Nursery, Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg. We believe the Pre-Primary years are the ‘defining years’, the most absorbing years in a child’s formative life. It’s the years to instill values, self-belief and character into kids who are like un-moulded clay.

At this stage we:

  • Focus on a holistic approach to learning & growth, integrating both class-room and experiential methods.
Understand that the best way for a child to develop a new skill or behavior is to apply it.
  • Stress not only
  • which the child will get to know the color in all ‘its hues and shades’, while once a month the kids have ‘Water on learning, but also the learning process, which stresses that learning is not only acquiring knowledge, but also making sense of it.
  • Want to empower children with tools of learning, to make them independent learners.
  • Believe that at this stage learning can be enhanced through the development of cognitive, aural, visual and motor skills.
  • Believe that teaching is more of ‘showing’ the kids how to do it by example. To develop this the kids go on Field Trips and have Puppet Shows, projects like transportation, animals & plant life, fruits and vegetables, festivals, seasons, and trips to community helpers like police stations, fire department, bakers, post-offices, traffic parks, etc.