The Graduation ceremony for the Preparatory kids, takes them to Junior School, which starts at Class I and extends to Class V. It’s during these years that the children are mentally stimulated and motivated and physically strengthened, so as to form the base to develop their full potential. It’s here that the children enter the ‘age of reason’, as logical thought replaces intuitive thinking. Children are now ready for formal learning To achieve this in a nurturing & caring atmosphere. We:
  • Follow a child-centered syllabus, that is reviewed every year, so that we are up to date in providing what is best for a child.
  • Being child-centered we have done away with formal examinations till class IV, and follow the process of continuous assessment in a creative way, which is not stressful.
  • Qualities of Leadership in the children are noticed, and by appointing our little monitors and giving them monitor-badges, they are encouraged and motivated to understand ‘responsibility’.
  • Teach thinking skills, that is, to extend the mind beyond the obvious and develop creative solutions to problems. Human progress has been a long succession of ‘overturning’ accepted ideas, hence we encourage students to question “the way its always been done”.
  • Believe ‘Time is opportunity to Learn’, hence we give ourselves more time to teach by establishing a learning environment, and integrate projects and audio-visual aids, to ensure ‘time in school is , time well-spent’.
  • Provide a host of Co-curricular activities, to help students develop intellectually, emotionally and physically. Choral Recitation, Quiz and Dramatics are some of the activities on the Literary side, while a host of sporting activities, like football, basketball, cricket, athletics,  chess, table-tennis, etc, ensures there are enough opportunities for our budding sports enthusiasts to hone their skills.
As ‘Learning Centres’ we need to cater to the children’s senses in order to motivate their learning, hence our emphasis on Projects & Field trips, allowing children to observe, listen, research and discover.