Chairman sharada gyan peeth maladI have immense pleasure in welcoming you to Sharada Gyan Peeth International School, a highly progressive and enterprising school pledged to providing quality education with great emphasis on traditional values.

It is a matter of pride that people in India have become conscious about quality education of their Children. Be it the remote village or town, parents want that their children must get proper education & training in nearest school or college for better career, future and happy life. Hence, Thousand of school, colleges, Technical institutes and management institutions have been established throughout the country.

The learning and educational facilities have grown but the levels of learning in our schools, colleges and the universities have not improved. Accordingly the news and reports published in newspapers, Television & Magazine about the poor standard of learning are causing concern in the minds of the people connected with the management of these schools & colleges. The Government department are not getting proper and deserving candidates to be employed for different types of services in the department. same is the problem with good schools, colleges & universities which are not getting qualified & competent teachers & professors. Hence, posts are lying vacant.

The schools are working as a melting pot where all  the children are taught and brought up together in the common class rooms & atmosphere. Schools teach the same subjects to all the students together. Hence Teachers should be well versed in their subjects and posses necessary skills in transmitting their knowledge & understanding to all the students comfortably. Teachers should understand child psychology properly. Efforts should be made to encourage children to learn the subjects practically. Teaching should inculcate independent thinking & habits of solving the problems by themselves in the students. It should develop team spirits and comradeship in the students. Students should be taught to be tolerant, modest & cooperative. Tough children need love and affection at home as well as at school.

Society also must recognize the importance of school teachers & appreciate their performance. Parents, Televisions, Newspaper & Political workers must stop interfering with the workings of the schools. They should refrain from condemning the teachers every now and then. Consequently students as well as society suffer in the long run. Teachers do render valuable services to the society and we do sincerely appreciate the same.

Dr. Sharada Prasad Sharma

( M.A., LLM, Ph. D.)