Education is a process of growth and development of one’s faculties. Sharada Gyan Peeth International School aims at  providing its students a vast and varied range of activities that stimulate the body and the mind. The staff and students alike are expected to uphold its founding principles, freedom of thought and pursuit of excellence. Success will naturally follow. We believe that education should be a joyful experience and our philosophy is that each child is unique and has his/her own unique strengths. We shape up the students’ personality through physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. Our students are encouraged to think for themselves and emerge as well rounded and articulate individuals by the time they graduate.

Our chief aspiration is not to gift to the world animate knowledge banks, but complete human beings who will work whole heartedly for peaceful and harmonious co-existence of man and nature along with achieving material and spiritual goals in life. We believe that, to build ideal citizens for modern India, we must imbibe in our students sound moral values: the virtues of tolerance, honesty, sincerity, faith in goodness, diligence, courage, foresight, fortitude, fellow feeling, simple living high thinking and pragmatism and adopt measures to develop a strong body and the best manifestation of their inherent talents. Keeping the above goal in mind our school curriculum is an example of perfect match of academic and co-curricular activities. Tour our site to find out more about the school.

We instill in students the ability and conviction to realise their full potential and excel anywhere in the world.

Our USP is an experienced and caring teaching team. We have a very high teacher/student ratio as we believe individual attention is the key to a meaningful learning experience.